Monday, November 2, 2015

Answer to Your Mascara Prayers

Ladies, today I am going to share with you a product that you have all been praying for. 
Dramatic much? No, I am being very serious here. 
This product will revolutionize your eyelashes. 
Now, you may say "What eyelashes?"
Don't worry, girl, you'll know what I'm talking about once you try one beautiful mascara.
I lie to you not, it is unlike any that I have used from the drugstore or Sephora. 

My lashes aren't very voluminous to begin with, so that is the main aspect I look for when choosing a mascara. As for length, I'd say that I have average length natural lashes. 
This magical mascara that I am speaking of definitely works wonders in both of those concerns!
On top of that, I feel that it helps to hold the curl in my lashes all day and doesn't have any fall out or smudging. 
I've repurchased this product three times already and don't think I'll ever stop repurchasing it.
I even have my sister (who is not into makeup, may I add) hooked!
You're probably tired of me talking about this product and are ready for me to finally reveal what it is, am I right?
Brace yourself, pretty lady...
I'll give you a moment to let it's simple yet chic design and beautiful name sink in...

For optimal results, here's how I apply it:
1. Curl lashes - very important that you do this with any mascara!
2. Apply a coat of mascara as usual, lightly wiping the tip of the brush around the mascara opening to create a cleaner application. 
*Here is where the big tip comes in...*
3. Apply a second coat of mascara on the tops of your lashes while looking down to make application easier instead of from the bottom of your lashes while looking up and applying. This ensures that your lashes are coated all around and not just on the underneath part of your lashes. An added bonus that comes with this technique is that it makes your lashes more voluminous with the added layer of mascara that thickens each individual lash.
4. If you'd like, you can apply another coat of mascara to the underneath part of your lashes normally.
You're now all set to bat those lashes at that cutie you've been eyeing!
Be sure to spill about the dates those batting eyelashes score you in the comments below!

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