Thursday, November 12, 2015

Apple of my Pie

I hate the cold weather. Absolutely despise it. However, there is one good thing that comes with the transition to the fall season - apple pies! I try not to bake any during the other months in the year because I feel as though it's not the same as having some in the fall. However, now that fall is here, apple pies are a common occurrence in my home. 
In fact, this past weekend I may have gone a bit overboard...
Like three pies baked within 24 hours kind of overboard. 
But they all disappeared in three days, so they didn't go to waste. 
Plus, they inspired this blog post!
After I baked, the idea hit me that I should share these delicious recipes with you!

Swiss Apple Pie
(Top left corner)
You can find the recipe on Olga's Flavor Factory.
This one isn't too sweet, but still has a classic apple pie taste. However, the slices of baked apples is mixed in with a sort of cake mixture. So it's basically a cake with apple slices within it.

Classic Apple Pie
(Top right corner)
You can find the recipe on Audrey's Apron.
This is the classic apple pie that is usually baked within the American culture. Unlike the Swiss Apple Pie, it does not involve a cake mixture and is a bit sweeter. 

Mini Apple Rose Pies
You can find the recipe on From My Impossibly Tiny Kitchen and a video tutorial here
These aren't incredibly sweet either and are not as delicious as the above two recipes (still edible and good though!). However, they were so much fun to make. I'd say to bake these more for impressing others with the look of the apple rose rather than impressing others with the taste. 

What is your favorite dessert in the fall?! I'd love to try something new this season as well!

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