Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Power Couple: Spring's Must-Try Color Combinations

A couple of years ago I went through a huge color-blocking phase when it came to my outfits. Not only did I mix colors, but I really enjoyed mixing patterns as well! It was just so much fun! 
When I saw Christina Shanahan's article on spring's seven "must-try who-knew" color pairings in the April 2016 InStyle magazine, it just really took me back to those good ol' colorful days! 
Therefore, I thought I'd share three of the color pairings from the article that had inspired me and made me miss incorporating some color into my more neutral outfits nowadays. 
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Pale Blue + Aubergine
How great is this color combo transitioning from fall/winter into spring?! 
I love how the pale blue brightens and adds an interesting element to the deep purple!

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Tangerine + Tan
For this color combination, you have to understand that I hate, absolutely despise the color orange. 
However, this is such a beautiful color combination that I am actually warming up to the idea of it. 

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Cobalt + Peach
Another beautiful combination incorporating orange, but just a more muted and gentle version of orange.

Have you noticed a pattern here? It looks like mixing bold colors with a pale or pastel shade is quite lovely! Maybe you were already aware of this, but the article has definitely opened my mind to a few more ideas. 
As someone who is currently all about the neutrals and soft color tones, it's great to be reminded that I can still incorporate my brighter tones from my color-blocking phase. 

What color combinations are you looking forward to rocking this spring/summer?! I'd love to get more inspiration in the comments below!

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  1. Ah! I love these color combinations! All so fresh!

  2. Tangerine and tan looks great together!! I've never seen that combo before :)

    Edye //

    1. I think this color combo would look great with a summer tan, as well!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Lauren!
      Love the muted orange/peach with pink color combo of your blog, by the way!


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