Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Estee Edit #BeautyAttitudes

Honestly, I've basically never had any interest in trying any makeup from Estee Lauder.
Why? Every time I think "Estee Lauder," I think "old women makeup."
My nighttime eye cream is actually from Estee Lauder because I heard how their skincare aims towards helping older women with lines and wrinkles. I'm not that old, but never too early to start taking precautionary measures, right?

The Estee Edit (sold exclusively at Sephora) is actually a campaign/collection aimed more towards the younger generation, the rule breakers and risk takers. So I was a bit curious to see if that would change my mind about Estee Lauder makeup! 
Going into testing the four products received, I didn't have high expectations.
Some of the products exceeded my expectations, while others did not. 

To start, let's talk about the Barest Lip Color lipstick (shade pictured is "Nude Scene") so that I can at least get the bad news done and over with. Long story short, I felt like this lipstick felt like a drugstore lipstick when applied. The pigmentation was great, but the actual application was a bit streaky, uneven, and there wasn't an impressive amount of moisture. 
I definitely don't want to bash a product, but I do want to be completely honest in my posts and talk about the good, the bad, and the lovely. 
The lipstick could be better, that's all.

The Beam Team Hydrate + Glow has been my second favorite in the batch of four products received. 
There are two parts to this product: the cream/lotion inside the tube and the creamy shimmer concentrate product inside the cap of the tube.
This is a beautiful product if your face is paler than your body and you'd like to add a slight glow and tan to your face to try to match it to the rest of your tan, summer body. Just be warned that when you first apply this to your face, you may have a thought of "What did I just do to my face?!" This product is going to scare you a bit and have you regret putting this all over your face in an attempt to get a glow. However, that feeling of regret disappears once you start applying your makeup regularly. 
After placing the lotion inside the tube all over my face to moisturize my skin and add a more glow-y look, I start applying my concealer and foundation next as if I was doing my normal makeup routine. The concealer and foundation help in minimizing the sparkle in the lotion, but still keep a glow on your face without looking like a disco ball. 
As for the creamy highlight product in the cap of the tube, I felt like it was a bit darker than what I typically prefer to use as a highlighter. I do believe that it could work for someone with a bit of a darker skintone than me. 

How beautiful does this Flash Illuminator look in the shade Spotlight?!
The packaging is beautiful and the iridescence is lovely! However, it's a bit too "white" for my preference. I tried using it to add a glow to the face, but just felt that whether I apply it straight onto the face or mix it with my foundation, it just makes the makeup a bit more white. Glowy, but whiter. In which case, I'd rather go with no glow than have a face that has a whiter sheen to it. 
Even used as a cream highlighter, it just felt a bit too white for me. 
Before application, it's a beautiful product. 
Once applied, it just didn't sit right on my face. 
Maybe if I was more porcelain in my skintone it wouldn't have made that much of a difference in the tone of my makeup. 

I've saved the best for last, the Pore Vanishing Stick
I don't believe that it makes for a good primer, as I have not noticed any changes in the longevity of my makeup application, but this product sure knows how to smooth out your skin and diminish the appearance of your pores! Seriously, just for that I would go out and purchase this product myself! 

My final verdict? 
If I was running low on any of these, I would probably only go out and purchase the Pore Vanishing Stick. The rest of the products simply don't seem like as much of a necessity to me as the Pore Vanishing Stick. 

How do you feel about Estee Lauder? Any must-have products?

I received these products complimentary for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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