Friday, February 3, 2017

You Don't Need a Lot of $$$ to Improve Your Skin

I've always been the girl who thought that the more expensive a product is, the better it is. 
However, in the past couple of months I've taken a different approach to this. Especially in skincare. 
I've spent so much time and money going through Sephora and looking for the best products that can fix every skin issue I have been having. In the process, I've learned one thing...
The simpler, the better. 

Today I wanted to share what I have been using that has made a significant difference in my skin. In the end, you'll find that I've concluded that great skin really comes down to one solution. 

Coconut oil is a holy grail item, hands down. I'm not going to go too much into detail about this because I've previously written a post about how amazing and versatile it is here
As it relates to this post, it is so incredible for removing makeup and as a night-time moisturizer. It is sure to provide you with a better and more moisturized surface to work with in the morning. It can literally relieve and heal your face of almost anything! Best of all, it can last a very long time because you only need a tiny bit to lather your entire face! Don't be afraid to use coconut oil on your face in fear that you will be super oily. In fact, oily skin is oftentimes a reaction to overly dry skin, which puts your skin in overdrive in order to moisturize itself. 

Belif True Cream - Aqua Bomb is the bomb! It's a beautiful day-time moisturizer that sinks into the skin without feeling heavy or oily. They have a lotion-type version, but this particular one is more of a light gel/serum version. The cooling sensation of this cream helps to calm the face down if you have redness and helps to make your face feel smoother.

St. Ives Oil Scrub is a great gentle exfoliator that also provides great skin benefits. It is formulated with grapeseed oil, which is such a great ingredient to have in your skincare! It's a lightweight oil that doesn't clog the pores. Grapeseed oil has polyphenols (compounds found in natural plant foods filled with antioxidants), which are anti-inflammatory and help with anti-aging and breakouts. The beta-carotene (which is converted into vitamin A in our body when consumed from a food and can act as a natural retinol) and vitamins (D, C, and E) in grapeseed oil help with wrinkles and scar reduction.
Fun fact: You can use grapeseed oil simply on its own as a toner if you'd like to simplify a product but still reap the benefits!
Plus, the little balls in this scrub help to take the dead skin cells off your face! I am someone who loves to exfoliate my skin. However, I know that it can be quite harsh if done too often (which I'm guilty of) so this is a great gentle scrub for someone like me! One more bonus, this product does a pretty great job of taking off my everyday makeup, so there's no need for me to use an additional product for this step!

St. Ives Scrub is a bit different from the oil scrub mentioned above because it is not as gentle as the oil scrub. It also doesn't remove makeup as easily if used on its own. For years I have been using this product religiously! I'm talking about like every. single. day. I know it's not the healthiest for my skin, so I'm quite grateful to now have been introduced to a more gentle scrub. However, I still use this slightly harsher scrub about once a week to do a bit more sloughing of the dead skin cells than the oil scrub.  

By simplifying my skincare routine and using more natural products, I've definitely noticed an improvement in my skin! Maybe one day I'll share a before and after ;-)
However, if you want to simplify your skincare routine further or find the ultimate secret to great skin, I truly believe that the secret lies in great hydration. If your skin is hydrated, you are sure to have a face that glows, is plump (in the good, collagen-filled kind of way), and healthy.

What are some of your holy grail skincare items?! Let me know in the comments below!

P. S. I received the St. Ives Oil Scrub complimentary for testing purposes.

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