Thursday, September 7, 2017

11 Questions - A Little About Me

I blog about style, beauty, and a little bit about my life/travels, however I don’t really share any random facts about myself.

Lucky for you, I was tagged by Hal from Hair by Hal to answer 11 fun questions that he came up with!  
Fun fact: Hal did Charming’s hair on our wedding day! 

What's your favorite guilty pleasure food?  
This may sound hecka strange and you’ll probably never guess this, but it is…….(drum roll)….condensed milk. I know, I know, it is super sugary. Despite being very aware of that, I just can’t stop eating it! And yes, I just eat it on its own. I don’t know what it is about it, but I like it to the point where I can’t keep any in my home or else it’ll be quickly gone! 

Where do you get your inspiration from for your blog & instagram? 
Most of my posts on instagram and my blog come from basic life experiences. Sometimes I’ll put together an outfit for my day job and love it so much that I want to blog it. Other times I’ll see a color combo on another person that I adore and be reminded of an outfit that I have. Most recently I started sharing more about the makeup I wear. I went through a two month phase where I didn’t feel like wearing makeup and then all of a sudden missed wearing makeup so I started sharing more “Today’s Face” photos on my Instagram story. Basically, my inspiration comes from my day-to-day experiences and things that I am loving!
What goals (personally or blog related) do you have for the rest of 2017?
♥ To work out more.
♥ To blog at least once a week (so far going strong for four weeks!).
·♥ To read more.
♥ Brainstorm more creative blog & instagram posts.
♥ Make more time for friends & family.

What is one song you know absolutely every word to? 
“Then” by Brad Paisley. This has been a fave for a loooong time.

What/where is something that makes you happiest? 
Being in our home with Charming!  It has been so fun building our home together and I’m so happy with how our apartment has come along! Despite the fact that I adore tropical beaches, there's truly no place like being home with my love. 

What is your favorite hair care product? 
I just started using the Reconstructive Moisture Mask by Kristin Ess and it has completely changed my life and my hair! I used to use a whopping size of hair conditioner and it worked, but wasn’t mind blowing. With this product, you can use a nickel size of the conditioner and it works wonders!

How did you start blogging? 
So despite being a more active blogger nowadays, I actually started blogging in July 2013! Why? I have loved fashion and beauty since I was maybe 15 years old. I wanted to be a cosmetologist, but decided not to go to cosmetology school for several reasons. Therefore, I wanted another way to express my love for these topics and discovered the blogging world! Fun fact: my first blog url was!

Favorite TV show? 
This is a hard choice, so I’m going to list a few: Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and Modern Family. I also want to add Gossip Girl and Revenge, but unfortunately these shows are over.

What are your tips for time management with a hectic life & the blog? 
This definitely always a challenge! I love a beautiful agenda to help organize my schedule and keep me in check!

What is the number one place on your bucket list? 
If you read my About Me page, you may have already guessed this. I would LOVE to go to Fiji one day!

What mantra do you live by? 
I don’t have one particular mantra that I live by, but I strongly believe in the power of positivity and not wasting your time being negative.  I also love the following two verses in the Bible:
“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
♥ “God is within her, she will not fall.” – Psalms 46:5 

I would love to hear your answers to some of these questions! Be sure to message me on social media or post a comment below!

Photographer: Afrik Armando

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  1. These answers are so sweet!!! I love your heart :D
    Also, good choice with the Grey's ;) And that you love being home with Vitaliy! That's so accurate, I feel the same way about being in the comfort of home too!!!


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