Thursday, November 16, 2017

How to Look Put Together When You're Actually a Mess

I'm going to be real with you... I've been an unorganized and unmotivated mess lately. 

Yes, you read that correctly.
I have a list of chores piling up, my laundry has been sitting in the dryer for about a week now because I can't muster up the motivation to take it out to fold it, my floors haven't been washed for about two weeks, and some other things that I'm still a bit ashamed to admit. 

To be quite honest, I can't pinpoint how this occurred, but it's been about two and a half weeks. 
I am so unproductive and have zero motivation to get back on track. I made the first step to get back on track yesterday, but I'm not fully there just yet. 

Therefore, I thought I'd share how I cover up the fact that I'm actually a mess off of social media and what I do to try to look more put together. 

1. Wear tried-and-true outfits.
If you wear outfits that made you feel good while you were in a motivated and productive mood, they'll still look good on you when you're unmotivated and unproductive. However, don't wear the uncomfortably tight skirt or high heels that made you feel great during your good days. Doing so will likely make you feel uncomfortable, so make sure you wear your comfortable tried-and-true outfits. The problem with this step is that you'll very likely repeat a few outfits within the two weeks. But oh well, who's keeping track?

2. Drink lots of water.
When I'm feeling "eh", I usually eat "eh". However, when I drink lots of water after my meal, I automatically feel healthier. It's not like a kombucha drink, but water just makes me feel better about myself! 

3. Put on makeup! 
I know, it's so incredibly annoying to put on 20 lbs of makeup when you're feeling down, but trust me when I tell you it's worth it. You will feel (and look!) ten times better after you do this step! You may still feel fat or ugly, but that concealer and full coverage foundation will certainly cover those feelings up from the world. 

4. Most importantly, don't post any of your negative vibes on social media!!!!
If you do, then all your effort into trying to look put together when you're feeling like crap on the inside will go to waste. You always  want to make your life look perfect on social media. 

Obviously I was joking about step four (kind of, haha). 

But on a serious note, I wanted to write this post because you see so many perfect lives on social media. I'll admit, I'm guilty of being that person who only tries to show her best angles and moments. However, it's crucial to know that every one of us has bad days. 

I hope this post was entertaining/helpful in one way or another!

How do you manage to try to look put together when you're actually having a bad day/week?!


  1. I've been there! Well, kinda. I had a point in this semester where the apartment wasn't cleaned for probably 2 weeks, but that was because of how chaotic school can be. However, I have a different approach. Instead of trying to act or look put together, I try to put it all into God's hands and actually become put together. It's so great to have Him on our side!

    P.S. I love the water idea tho! I need to practice that. Thanks :)

  2. Ive certainly had this experience. I try to give myself a mini makeover, nothing too expensive but a something that will motivate me to style it. I also love this look, had to check it out after seeing it on your IG.

    xoxo Falasha
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