Saturday, May 12, 2018


Charming and I are celebrating our one year wedding anniversary this weekend!
Therefore, I thought I'd share some fun wedding photos that I haven't shared previously! I also thought I'd finally share our wedding video as well!
Hope you enjoy :-)

Loved the sparkle on my wedding shoes! Badgley Mishka is so talented. 
This girl is such a gem and a cutie. I thought I'd include a little series throughout this post and call it "The Faces of Mr. & Mrs. Krukovets". This is face #1 by Mrs. Krukovets.
For my wedding day lipstick, I chose to go with Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in "Lovesick". Love how it doesn't feel too drying and the color is basically my signature color. 
Charming custom-created my engagement ring at Modern Jewels & Watches on Jeweler's Row in Philadelphia. 
 My sweet babygirl - Charming gave me her in addition to the engagement ring when he proposed! Read our engagement story in this post
 Charming had his own personal hairstylist for the wedding day as well! Hal Bloss did an amazing job! Check out his blog at Hair By Hal
 Face #2 by Mr. Krukovets
Face #3 by Mr. Krukovets.
Face #4 by Mrs. Krukovets.
 Our first look!
 My makeup artist for the day: Julie! She is AH-MAZING!
 I received the most thoughtful gift on our wedding day from Charming: A Cartier love bracelet! How SWEET?!?! And so meaningful, I am obsessed!
 My favorite ladies! 
 My florist is a local girl who is an absolute angel! She totally brought my vision to life when it came to my bouquets! If you'd like her contact info, feel free to email me or leave a comment since she is not on social media. 
 The best bridal party. 
LOVED LOVED LOVED the dresses on my fave ladies!
Fun Fact: I purchased these dresses in a white color! Then, my maid of honor and I died them in an ombre array of blush shades!
Face #5 by Mrs. Krukovets. 
 We had our ceremony at the Talamore Country Club
You would think that all that was on my mind was "Please don't trip, please don't trip". However, believe it or not, that was the last thought on my mind as I walked down those stairs! It was such a day full of different emotions that I completely forgot to think about tripping!
So grateful to be part of this group of friends! They are truly the best example of what an incredible friendship is. 
 Our reception took place at Emperor Restaurant. Loved the gold decor they had - it matched perfectly to our wedding theme. The food was SO as well!
 I decided to go with gold candelabras as my centerpieces. Floral centerpieces just felt too overdone. Plus, I loved the romantic vibes that the candles provided!
 The dessert table spread! 
Face #6 by Mrs. Krukovets. Isn't she just the cutest?!
Gotta get those lips moisturized and ready to pucker up for more photos! 
 Face #7 by Mrs. Krukovets.
Absolutely CANNOT get over how gorgeous these ladies in blush are! 
Face #8 by Mr. Krukovets (squatting like a true Slav). 

And now for the grand finale: OUR WEDDING VIDEO!

Our Videographer: Mark Kovalchuk
Our Photographer: Afrik Armando (with Yelena Kolomoytseva assisting)

Hope you enjoyed this little roundup of our wedding photos!

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