Tuesday, July 17, 2018

5 iPhone Apps I Cannot Live Without (Besides Instagram)

In this day and age, I think we can all agree that we're on our phones basically 70% of the day. If you're denying this, I don't believe you.

Therefore, I thought I'd share my top 5 apps that I have on my phone and think you should download as well. 

But first, I wanted to share these HECKA gorgeous phone cases from caseapp.com. I love this blush tropical print for the summer and warmer months. As for the colder months, I chose this black marble case because I love how moody yet sleek it is! 
PLUS, the durability on these cases has been absolutely amazing. As much as I hate to admit it, I've already managed to drop my phone more times than I should've. However, there are still no scratches on my phone (or case!). 
As if that wasn't enough to convince you to order yourself a phone case from caseapp.com, I also have a discount code for your beautiful self! When you're checking out, enter the code 20ALENA for 20% off your order! However, order quickly because this discount code expires on 7/27/18. 
Once your order comes in, I'd love for you to message me on Instagram and show me which case you ordered!

Now, moving on to some can't-live-without apps you can find on my phone!

1. OpenTable 
My husband and I go out to eat way too much for our own good. I love using this app whether we are traveling somewhere or just grabbing a bite to eat locally. Whether you're planning a future dinner or looking for a last minute spot, this app will show you which restaurants are available at your preferred time. The best part is that each reservation is worth 100 points. Once you complete 20 reservations, you get a $20 dining reward. To spice things up, they also offer reservations that may be worth up to 1,000 points, which speed up the process to the $20 dining reward! Highly recommend this app if you love going out to eat! 

2. Adobe Lightroom 
This is what I use to edit my blog photos, so having an iPhone app that I can quickly use on the go for quick instagram photos is so convenient! I found that a lot of photo editing apps tend to lower the quality of your photos, but I love that this one does not! You can either adjust the various settings manually, or you can purchase presets to apply to a photo. 

3. Spotify 
I love listening to music, but I am not one to go out of my way to search for music. So I love Spotify because it creates playlists that fit to your music tastes/preferences! I listen to music all the time as I drive and eventually Spotify learned what I loved. So now I listen to the Daily Mix playlists that the app creates for me automatically and I love it! It's so helpful in introducing me to new music that I love but wouldn't have been able to find on my own! 

4. Planoly 
If you're an instagram fanatic and use it more than you probably should, you'll love this app! It's great in helping me plan out my feed so that it is a bit less of a random mess. It also helps me to plan ahead as to what I want to post. You can even schedule your instagram posts so that Planoly sends you a reminder to post a particular post at the scheduled time! On top of that, I can save my hashtags and categorize them so that I don't have to spend 15 minutes researching which hashtags are most helpful to a particular post. 

5. BlogLovin 
I loveloveLOVE this app for keeping up with my favorite blogs. Basically you enter the site to a blog that you'd like to follow and this app shows you new blog posts from your favorite blogs in one place, so you no longer need to go on 12 different websites to read the newest blog posts from your favorite blogs. How convenient?! You can follow my blog by subscribing to my BlogLovin below.

I'd love to know what some of your can't-live-without apps are!

♡ Alena

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