Sunday, August 26, 2018

I Like Big Sleeves & I Cannot Lie

Big sleeves have been a huge trend this past spring and summer. 

I decided to pair this fun off-the-shoulder top that my sister let me borrow with white pants. 
I love white in the summer (actually all year round haha). As I mentioned in this white on white outfit post, white is just so clean, chic, crisp, and classic!

Also, how GREAT is it when you find a pair of heels that are the most comfy ever....AND ON CLEARANCE!!! I mean, can you say JACKPOT!? 
Seriously wish I can share these heels with ya'll, but these are about two years old now and nowhere to be found. Otherwise, I would've purchased three more pairs by now in preparation for when these heels get too worn out. 
But, I do have a word of advice for you: Make sure to check out a Macy's Backstage if you have one nearby because you can really score some good deals there on some good gems!

Unfortunately, this bell sleeve top is another item I love so much but can't link for ya'll. I know my sister bought it at Nordstrom, but it's no longer being sold. On the bright side, it makes me feel SO good to wear something from my skinny sister's closet! Haha! Anyone else love this feeling?!
I linked some other cute top options for you at the end of this post though!
This gorgeous ring is from Rocksbox. If you're not familiar with it, it's a fun subscription for jewelry. You get your box for $21 per month and you can wear (or "borrow") the jewelry for as long as you'd like (for a $21 monthly charge). When you're ready to part with the pieces, you simply return it to Rocksbox and then you get a new set of jewelry. If you want to keep any piece, you have the option to purchase it.
This is the perfect subscription for me personally. I hate committing to jewelry, especially since it can go in and out of style so quickly (especially trendy pieces like this one). So this is a great way for me to try to jewelry pieces without the commitment. Highly recommend! 
You can get a free month of Rocksbox by signing up through here or use code ALENABFF27.

♡ Alena

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