Monday, August 6, 2018

Peachy Summer Look + a Random Chit Chat

I love all the details in this look. Maybe it may be overwhelming to some, but I love little details in an outfit. 

I love the crochet detailing along the neckline of this top. To me it's subtle and not too much. The little tie on the sleeves also add a cute little detail to the look and give a subtle bell sleeve style to the top. 

Funny story actually in regards to these little ties on the end of the sleeve. Logan, my black little kitten, absolutely LOVES these little ties and attacks them every time he sees them! This is not a top to wear around him LOL. Anyway, he's now attacked one of the sleeves so much that he actually ripped one of the ties on the left sleeve off! So now I just have half a bow on my left sleeve... *shoulder shrug* 
But his cute little furry face is totally getting away with this bad deed of his. Can you blame me?!
On a sidenote: Let me introduce my sister to you! Her name is Natalie and she's my only sister. She's cute, she's funny, and I love having her as my travel companion! 

ALSO. Let's talk about Rocksbox. It's a fun subscription for jewelry. You get your box for $21 per month and you can wear (or "borrow") the jewelry for as long as you'd like (for a $21 monthly charge). When you're ready to part with the pieces, you simply return it to Rocksbox and then you get a new set of jewelry. If you want to keep any piece, you have the option to purchase it.
This is the perfect subscription for me personally. I hate committing to jewelry, especially since it can go in and out of style so quickly. So this is a great way for me to try to jewelry pieces without the commitment. Highly recommend! 
You can get a free month of Rocksbox by signing up through here or use code ALENABFF27.

What have you been wearing (or using) lately and loving?!

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♡ Alena

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