Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Pearls + White Jeans in NYC

Black + white is so classic and you simply can't go wrong with this combination. 
Add some pearls and blush to elevate the combination to a new elegance and feminine edge. 

This top was such a steal from Shein! $7!!!
Have ya'll ever shopped on Shein?! 
My personal experience with Shein is that it can really be a hit or miss. My strategy is usually to purchase about 25 items, which is super easy to do because their pieces are so cheap and very cute! However, when I'm shopping, I keep in mind that most of these items will likely be of lesser quality so I may need to return some pieces. Once the packages arrives to my home, I will try on all of the pieces and sort through what is good and what is actually crap. Most times I usually end up keeping like 4-6 pieces out of the 25 that I actually purchase.
I know sometimes it's so annoying to have to go through the return process after placing an online order. However, I don't really mind going through the return process with Shein since I know I scored some super cute pieces for super cheap. So to me it's totally worth it - you just print the label and stick it onto the same bag that your order came in! 

I do have a friend that actually spends time reading reviews of items (which I just don't have the patience for honestly) so she doesn't really end up returning much (if anything!) from her purchases. So that's definitely another great (and smarter LOL) way to approach shopping on Shein if you prefer to avoid returns!

All in all, I actually would highly recommend shopping on Shein! You can get some cute trendy pieces that tend to stay in style for only one season for super cheap. This makes it a little less depressing to part with once that trendy piece is old news!
Basic pieces should definitely be investments in your closet, but fun, trendy pieces are definitely not worth the price tags that you might see at Nordstrom or Bloomies!

I've actually purchased the top that I wore with this suede skirt from Shein as well!

What was your experience like if you've ever purchased from Shein?! I'd love to hear in the comments below or DM me on instagram!

♡ Alena

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