Friday, October 19, 2018

Tinting Your Eyebrows for a Simpler Getting Ready Routine

Ya'll know I'm all about a lovelier life, which means making my life as simple as I can. 
That is why I love tinting my eyebrows, so I thought I'd share my process in case it helps to simplify your life too. 

I used to always go to a brow bar to get my brows tinted but then I saw Anna from My Cancer Chic tinting her brows and thought it was genius! I mean, 
1) you save money, 
2) you don't have to drive to a salon, and 
3) you can do it in your robe without needing to dress up to go out. 
Genius, right?! I don't know why I didn't think of this myself! 

Anna introduced me to the Etude House Tint My Brows Gel that can be easily purchased on Amazon. It's the price of one visit to the Brow Bar, but it lasts you for so many uses! 

So below is how I apply the brow tint gel. 

1. Remove makeup from brow area. 

2. Make sure your brows are plucked, trimmed and in good shape. I also like to use a clean spoolie brush to brush my brow hairs how I like them. 

3. Apply the tint gel to your eyebrows as if you were filling them in with a pencil. 
Make sure that you do this carefully and in the shape that you would like your brows to be. It's going to look and feel scary, but only for a little. Make sure you don't go outside the shape that you'd like for your brows since this tint gel will also be tinting the skin under your brow hairs. 

4. Let the tint gel dry on your brows for 1 to 2 hours. 
Depending on how dark you'd like it to be, let it sit and die your brow hairs. The first time I did this, I only let it sit for one hour since I wasn't sure how quickly the brow hairs would tint and how dark they would be. However, now I like to let the gel sit on my brows for about 2 hours. 
The gel actually ends up drying up so that it can peel off once it's time to take the gel off. 

5. Peel the tint gel off. 
This is the fun part! The gel peels off pretty easily from your brows. There may be bits that stick on a little, but just scratch it off and you'll be golden. 
The brow tint may look a bit too dark at first, but the tint will wear off a tad overnight to the point of being more "normal" so you should be fine in the morning. 

6. Sleep/Rest,
After you tint your brows and peel the gel off, you're not supposed to cleanse or do anything abrasive to the area. I once took a shower immediately after tinting my brows and came out with half of the work just gone. So now I usually just either go to bed right after or chill at home until it's bedtime.

The tint lasts me about a week. At the end of the week, depending on how abrasive I was to my brows, I may have to use a pencil to fill in some areas to make the color even but it's not much. 
Tinting my brows literally saves me so much time in my getting ready routine since usually this is the step that takes me the longest in my makeup routine. 

Sidenote: I shared my 5 minute makeup routine in this post that I think will be helpful to you!

The brow tint gel that I currently use is Light Brown, which is a perfect match to my Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil in the shade Caramel!
You can also get the tint gel in Brown or Gray Brown

What's the step in your makeup routine that takes you the longest? Do you do anything to help to minimize the time it takes you to complete that step? Would love to hear your tips and tricks for making your getting ready routine simpler in the comments below or tag/message me on Instagram!

♡ Alena

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