Monday, November 19, 2018

Best Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

If you've been following me on Instagram, you may have seen me share our new kitchen. You may have also seen that I do a weekly Tidy Tuesday where I show you how I keep my house tidy and some tips + tricks. This week, I thought I'd take my Tidy Tuesday series to the blog and talk about how I organize my kitchen.

First off, I won't be talking much about containers and labeling those containers. Everybody has seen that tip. Instead, I'm sharing a few unique organizers I've purchased to keep the countertops clean and my cabinets organized. 

I love this! It looks cleaner than purchasing 17 different mini containers to organize the cutlery. Plus, there's a top layer and a bottom layer. I keep our everyday cutlery on the top layer and plastic cutlery on the bottom layer since Charming usually takes the plastic cutlery to work. 
This item can be purchased at Kitchen Search

I like to keep the countertop clean so the last thing I wanted was an ugly and bulky knife block on my countertop. So I love this organizer for keeping my knives from being an eyesore on my countertop. 
This item can be purchased at Kitchen Search

This was actually supposed to be a tray divider, but I use this to organize my cutting boards. 
This item can be purchased at Kitchen Search

I absolutely love this (along with all the other organizers LOL)! I can't imagine how much messier my cookware would be if I didn't have this. It's such a lifesaver!
This item can be purchased at Kitchen Search.  

I love these little lazy susans for my spice cabinet. They spin so you can see what spices you have towards the back of the cabinet and are so convenient + useful!
This item can be purchased at the Container Store

This packet organizer is so helpful in keeping my un-bottled spices neat in the cabinet. 
This item can be purchased at the Container Store

I hope you found this Tidy Tuesday post with my kitchen organization ideas helpful. 
Feel free to tag me on Instagram on your organizational tips or comment below with how you organize your spaces!

♡ Alena

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  1. Your kitchen is beyond gorgeous! I love the gold accents!


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