Thursday, January 3, 2019

How I'm Staying Organized & Productive this Year

Being the planner that I am, I love a fresh new start. Especially the start of a new year! 
However, this year I decided to take a different approach to planning and tackling my to-do list. 

It seems that as each year passes by, I use my agenda/planner book more and more inconsistently and rarely. Don't get me wrong, I love my planner and writing things down in a physical book instead of on my phone. But it's just not practical for me anymore. I don't carry an agenda book like I used to in school/college. My purses have also grown smaller throughout the years so I don't have room for an agenda in them. At the end of the day, I only need an agenda when I'm home and even then I don't really open it. I'd rather keep a mental note of all I have to do than keep an agenda anymore. However, we all know that keeping a mental note of everything is a recipe for disaster so I definitely need to do something about this. Therefore, I've decided to switch to an electronic planner, aka apps on my phone. 

I've been testing this out for the past month to confirm which apps work best for me and how to streamline this process for myself. And I have been LOVING it! 
It's super easy because it's literally on your phone and you don't have to worry about making sure you have a book with you for your to-do lists. 
So here we go!

I have a folder on my phone titled "Productivity" with the following apps: 

Calendar: I think this one's obvious. I keep all my dates and events in here. 
Any.Do: I keep all my to-do lists in here and grocery list. I will talk more about this later in this post. 
Done: This is a habit tracker that I've been using and I'll discuss more later in the post as well.
Reminders: This is where I keep a lot of random lists, like books to read, places to shoot outfits, etc. 
My Water: I track my daily water intake with this app. 
Trello: I keep all my to-do's for my blog in this app. It's great for working on projects and keeping all tasks for a project organized. 
Wardrobe Journal: I love using this app to keep track of all of my outfits that I wear on a daily basis so that I can avoid wearing the same thing to often. 


This is how I keep track of my daily to do lists. I love how clean this app looks and doesn't seem cluttered. You can also have recurring tasks, add reminders, and the whole nine yards. 

For each task, you an also have subtasks. I especially love this for when I have to grab some items at specialty stores. 
The app also has an assistant that can complete tasks for you, but I've never actually tried this feature myself. 

I also love the Grocery List feature this app includes. You can add items and the app automatically categorizes the items so that you don't feel scattered going from section to section at the store. 


Done keeps track of your habits and how many days in a row you are successful with the habits you want to create. You can also see it on a monthly view instead of a daily view so you can see how many days you've been successful, even if it's not days in a row. 


I'm very guilty of repeating outfits all the time. I wear like the same 5 looks every day. So this app helps me to upload my outfits and see what I've worn previously and how long ago so that I prevent myself from wearing the same items all the time. 

However, if I don't keep my phone safe, I won't be able to use any of these apps. Which is why I'm so grateful and obsessed with my CaseApp phone cases. They are super slim and not bulky at all, but they are still super protective and keep your phone from scratching when it falls. I can't tell you how many times I've dropped my phone, definitely lost count on that one, but my phone is still in perfect condition. 

Now I have something really fun for you: a GIVEAWAY!!
I'm giving away one phone case from CaseApp. I love my cases from CaseApp so I thought I'd share the love!
Head to my most recent instagram post and leave a comment on it with your fave way to tackle your to do list. Be sure you are following me on instagram as well so that you can be eligible to win. Giveaway will end on Sunday January 6th 2019. I'll announce the giveaway winner on Monday 1/7 on my instagram

Love, Alena

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