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How to Find & Style a Skirt for Your Body Type

I remember trying on a skirt at a store when I was maybe 15-16 years old and it was so incredibly unflattering and made my self esteem drop faster and lower than a bungee jumper (a little dramatic, but it was a bad day). I just felt like the skirt made me look so much fatter!

Little did I know, I just tried the wrong skirt on. I didn't understand my body shape and how to best dress for my body type. 
In spring 2018, at almost 24 years old, I finally figured out what skirt works best for my body type. 
Can you believe it took almost TEN years?!

I remember I found this gorgeous velvet skirt at the LOFT store on 18th & Walnut in Philadelphia during a little shopping event some local bloggers were hosting. 
I knew that it was a long shot bringing this skirt into the fitting room with me but I am obsessed with the velvet and the asymmetrical cut on this skirt so I decided to give it a go. 
I put it on and was IN. LOVE.

So what made this skirt the perfect fit for me?

High-waisted bottoms have been trending for sooo long now!
A high-waisted piece makes your legs look longer, which makes you look taller, and your body look more curvy. 
So whenever I am looking for a skirt, I always look for a piece that hits me somewhere 1-4 inches above the hips but not higher than my waist.

The length of this skirt may be considered normal for some, too short for others, etc. 
The fact that this skirt hits a bit above the knee helps my legs look a little longer and doesn't cut them off too much. Longer looking legs = a taller looking you. 

This skirt is more of a straight style. It flares out a tiny bit but it's barely noticeable. 
The fact that the skirt is more straight helps my body look less wide. 
If my skirt was more of a flare style, it would widen my already not-stick-thin body.

Tips for Styling the Perfect Skirt: 

Believe it or not, the type of top you pair with the skirt can affect how the skirt looks on you. 
I paired this skirt with a more tight top rather than a loose top/sweater. Because the material of this particular skirt is a bit thicker, I paired it with a top that's made of a thin material and clings to your body so that I can balance out the fabrics. If you have a skirt of a thin material, say one made of linen, cotton, or leather, you can probably get away with pairing it with a thick knit sweater or more loose top. Balancing out proportions certainly helps. 

I always love tucking whatever top I'm wearing with whatever skirt I am wearing. 
This helps to keep my waist visible and not get lost under a top that goes straight down or is more loose. Even something as little as just a tuck in the front and leaving the back of the loose top untucked is helpful.
You can see how I tucked a more loose top with this skirt in this post

I am sooo incredibly bummed that I did not know about these tips sooner because now I am obsessed with skirts! I've missed out on so many good looks in the past years! 
Now when I'm shopping I always gear more towards the skirts versus the pants. 
I love a good feminine look and skirts just elevate any top in my closet. It makes the look a little more flirty & fun compared to if you paired the top with a pair of pants/jeans. 

This particular skirt that I am wearing has been sold out. However, below are a few similar skirts that look absolutely lovely!

I hope you found this post & tips helpful. If you have a pear or straight body type, I suggest that you read this article by Who What Wear on Which Skirt is Best for Your Body Type.

Do you have any favorite skirts that you always reach for or any styling tips?!
If you're styling a  skirt based off of my tips, be sure to tag my instagram in your post and I'll reshare!

♡ Alena

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