Monday, March 18, 2019

3 Tips For Styling an Entryway Table

A little entryway table was very necessary in our home. 
Whether you get a bigger table like this or a smaller version, having a space for your keys, wallet, etc helps to keep a home a little more organized. Plus it adds a little more interest to a home. 

3 Tips For Styling an Entryway Table

I have a pretty flat little area in the center of the table so I wanted to add a bit more interest by adding different heights of items. I have two picture frames that are of different sizes. The vase adds another point of interest to balance out the table and add some pizazz. I love that the vase is a more fun shape, rather than being rectangular like the other pieces. Mixing shapes also helps to break up a monotone layout (although there's nothing wrong with that if that's what you love). 

I hate adding things to my home that are impractical. The reason we wanted an entryway table is to have a place to put things as soon as we get home. So I added a little box to the table to hold our keys, husband's wallet, and other knick-knacks. Also, I usually place my purse on the bottom shelf of the entryway table. I didn't want to add another piece of furniture to the house that I'll have to clean if it wouldn't have a purpose. If I had a separate area to put my keys & purse as soon as I walk into the house, I probably would have placed a full-length mirror on this wall instead to spice up area. 

As mentioned in my previous point, I hate adding extra things to the house that I will need to dust and clean. So I knew that I wanted to keep this table very minimal and not over do it by adding so many extra decor pieces that didn't serve a purpose. So my goal was to add as little to this table as possible to spice it up without making it look over crowded with decor items. Otherwise I would've needed to take off 30 pieces just to wipe down the glass on the table. 

Entryway Table: Joss & Main (similar here & here)
Mirror: Home Goods & then we spray painted the frame rose gold (similar here & here)
Vase: Home Sense (similar here & here)
Faux Florals: Wayfair (My cats always eat my fresh flowers so I've had to resort to faux florals)
Box: Home Goods (similar here & here)

I hope you found these styling tips helpful.
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♡ Alena

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