Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Best Swimsuits

GIRL! I just HAD to hop on here and write a quick blog post because I just learned that Victoria's Secret swimwear is back! 
I may be a bit late to the party (they released them March 18th) but that's nothing new here haha *shoulder shrug*

As soon as I heard, I hopped on to the VS site and browsed through allll the pieces. 

VS swimwear is literally my FAVEEEE ♡ 
I legit haven't purchased any new swimwear from anywhere else since they cancelled their swimsuit line because I have not been able to find anything comparable! So now I'm super stoked that they decided to relaunch it!
Sure, VS swimsuits are pricey, but they are the only ones that hold my girls up. Plus my old VS swimsuits have lasted me 5+ years, so that alone makes the price worth it to me! 

I'll also let you in on a little secret: my swimsuit bottoms are not from Victoria's Secret. 
I only buy my swimsuit tops from VS and then I purchase my swimsuit bottoms from Walmart or Target. I think that the VS tops are definitely worth the splurge, but the bottoms aren't really anything special so I always just cheap out on those! I just can't justify spending over $50 on a swimsuit bottom that works the same as a $15 Target swimsuit bottom. 

I rounded up some of my favorite Victoria's Secret swimsuits from their new release below for you!
There's lots of black, but ya know, black is slimming haha

1  /  2  /  3  /  4  /  5  /  6  /  7  /  8  /  9

Now this has me wishing I had a beach vacay booked!
But until I do, I'll just have to reminisce on our previous Aruba and Antigua trips. 

Which swimsuit is your fave?! 
Also, I want to know: where do you usually shop for swimsuits?!

♡ Alena

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