Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Workwear Style Formula You Need to Know

This is probably my favorite combination of workwear pieces. It's also a combination that I use constantly when putting together a professional look. If you invest in these staple pieces, you'll be pretty set when it comes to easy, effortless, and quick workwear outfits when getting dressed in the morning. 

So what are these staple pieces that you need? 

Well, there's just 3 essentials: 


My favorite fit in dress pants is a bit of a tighter fit, to be honest. I like it tighter around the hips and all the way down to my knees, after that it can loosen up a bit so it's more of a straight leg fit. I just feel that a tighter fit makes your legs look better. There's nothing worse than seeing someone in a super loose pant that looks completely unflattering on someone's body. A good fit is important to looking more polished and put together. 
My favorite dress pants are the XOXO brand from Macy's. They are super flattering on my body type and don't give me a huge muffin top (which is a very common problem for me unfortunately lol). They're also super stretchy so it still feels comfortable even though it's a tighter fit. 
I also have heard good things about Loft dress pants and others. However, you need to find the right pair for your body. I know it's annoying to search for the perfect pair, but it's so worth it once you find it. And buy multiples when you find them! You'll definitely regret it if you don't!


I love a silk-like, loose tank top or cami. They feel good against your skin (and sometimes a little cooling when it's hot out and you're wearing a blazer). I highly recommend NOT getting a knit tank/cami though, you know one of those tighter ones that you wear under a sheer top. Those are not professional and simply do not look as good. A blouse-like fabric is so much better because it dresses up your look a million times better! 
I personally always prefer tank tops because wearing a longer sleeve blouse under a blazer can get a little hot (for me at least). You can obviously do any top in this silk/blouse-like fabric that works best for you and your preference. You can switch up the sleeve length, color, pattern, etc. Obviously do not wear a spaghetti strap tank without a cardigan or blazer on top, that's definitely not professional. However, if your strap is maybe 2-3 inches or more, that's not a problem (unless your office has a much stricter dress code). 
Loft always has new versions of this tank. They often have sales and you can snag them for a decent price that doesn't break the bank. 
These are a few of my favorites from what they are selling right now: 


Ya'll already know a blazer is an office staple so I'm sure I don't have to tell you how important a blazer is. 
Like the tank tops, I also prefer my blazers is a more silk-like fabric. I hate linen or knit blazers or any that feel similar because I feel like they do not feel as great against my skin and I always get hotter in them verses a more silk-like blazer. I also feel like the silk-like blazers usually last longer than knit or linen ones. 
I'm currently loving my blazer from H&M. It's at a great price point too. Below are a few others that are fabulous and won't break the bank:

If you have these staples in your closet, getting dressed in the morning will be so easy you'll probably even have a few extra minutes to make yourself breakfast ;-) 

I recommend having a few different colors/patterns of each piece. That way, you can mix and combine different pieces for a different look. 

I hope you found this post helpful. This formula (pants + tank + blazer) has gotten me through many presentations in college, interviews, and more! 

Be sure to share your workwear style with me on instagram & tag me (@alena.votchits) so I can see!

♡ Alena

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