Monday, July 29, 2019

5 Tips to Get Through the Work Day (+ a Christmas in July Deal for Holiday Cards from Basic Invite)

I’ll be the first to admit that working is hard. I mean, who wants to spend 8 or more hours of their day working to make someone else rich(er). I’d rather spend that time doing something for myself. You feel me?! 
Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who is obsessed with their career (congrats, I applaud you!) or one of the lucky ones who gets to work from home or their own office running their own business. Either one of those options is #goals. 

In the meantime, if you’re like me and are working for someone else so that you can cover your bills but in reality have a bigger dream that hasn’t come into fruition yet, here are some tips and tricks to help you get through the work day until happy hour (aka the hour you finally leave your place of work at the end of your shift).

I’ve noticed that when I get more sleep at night I am much happier at work, which then makes me much more motivated to work and get all my tasks done. 

I love waking up a few hours before I need to head to the office so that I could start my day on a calm, positive note doing something I enjoy. Whenever I wake up and don’t have time to drink my latte on my porch, I just don’t feel as motivated and positive. Waking up right before having to leave for work means that the first thing your mind focuses on is your job. If you aren’t the biggest fan of your job, then this is no good. So a good morning routine helps me to have the first thing I focus on in the day something I love, rather than focusing on my job. 
A Youtuber that I enjoy watching, Amy Landino, always says “good morning, good life” and I think this is sooo true! 

I don’t know about you, but if an ugly or a messy workspace surrounds me, I can’t work. My mind can’t focus because all I’m focusing on is the ugliness around me. 
I remember when I got my first job in an office in Center City Philadelphia, I would make a weekly stop by the flower shop next to the train station that I took every day to pick up a few stems for my desk. 4 years and 3 jobs later, I'm still buying flowers for my office. 
I also like a cute keyboard and mouse set (preferably wireless so there’s no cord messes around me) to pretty up my workspace. Those bulky old black keyboards always made me feel icky when typing. 
You also want to make sure your space in clean, so be sure to wipe it down once a week. 

Because, duh. Nothing makes us move faster that a shot of caffeine through our veins. 
I love a good latte in the morning. But lately I’ve wanted an espresso machine in my office for those afternoon slumps. I just haven’t found a machine that’s mini enough or cute enough so it doesn’t look like a sore thumb in my office. I’m open to suggestions if you have any.

Nothing makes me more driven at work than knowing WHY I am putting myself through this. 
Knowing your WHY is probably one of my biggest tips in getting through the work day. 
I work hard and do my best at my job for a couple reasons: 
1) I need to pay my bills. 
2) I love the luxe things in life and I need money for these things. 
3) It helps to fund my dream – blogging. 
And most importantly 4) To build a better life with my Charming. 

For #3, I have been using a custom Love Everything Lovely pen that I’ve designed that helps me to keep my dream in front of me as I work. I write with it all day at work because it’s literally my dream pen. Pink, shiny, blue ink, writes just the way I like it, and has a stylus on the end for whenever I want to use it with a touch screen.

I’m sure most of you can resonate with #4, whether you’re single or have a significant other in your life. We all want to build a better life. 
Having a photo of your family or hubs/wife on your desk, whether it’s a regular 4x6 photo or a Christmas card, it will give you all the merry feelings whenever you look at it during a rather boring and unmotivating workday. 
Speaking of which, don’t leave the task of ordering your Christmas Cards to the very last minute like you did last year – start thinking about this now (because, you know, Christmas in July is a real thing actually). And I actually have a deal that you cannot pass up and should definitely bookmark this blog post to refer back to when you’re ordering your victorian Christmas cards, custom holiday photo cards, or even company holiday cards.

I wish I’d heard of Basic Invite two years ago when we started doing our Christmas cards because they have some pretty cool features that other companies do not offer. 
1) Their color selection is BEYOND anything you’ve ever seen. Once you select a design, you can change the color of each element on the card to over 180 different color options so you can make sure the card is exactly how you want it down to the littlest detail. PLUS, they have 40+ color options for envelopes! 
2) Basic Invite is one of the few websites that gives you the ability to order a printed sample of your actual invitation so you can see exactly how it will print as well as the paper quality before you ever have to place the final order. This is such a convenient feature if you’re also ordering weddings invites or bridal/baby invites. 
3) Getting people’s addresses is probably the most annoying part of sending out Christmas cards. But Basic Invite offers an address capturing service that allows you to simply share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media to request your friends and family’s addresses which will be stored in your Basic Invite account and can then be selected during the design process. Plus you can get address printing at no cost on all card orders, which is always an extra charge if you order from any other company. 

I’m 100% planning to order my Christmas cards from Basic Invite this year, and I think you should too. 
You can get 30% off your holiday card order with code HOLI30
If you wish to order something else from their site (a baby or bridal shower invite, stationary, business cards, etc), use code 15FF51 for 15% off
These codes will be valid until Christmas 2019. 
I ordered my clear business cards (another way I’m putting my dream in front of me) for my blog from them and they are such great quality! 

Anyway, I hope you found these tips helpful and hope you have the best time getting through your work day this week! 

Also hope that I’ve reminded you about those holiday cards that you should order in advance, not two weeks before Christmas! 

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♡ Alena 

Thank you Basic Invite for sponsoring this post.

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