Monday, August 26, 2019

A Farewell to Summer Tablescape: Charcuterie Picnic on the Beach

I've been seeing a little trend of Charcuterie tables going around on instagram, which actually stemmed from when Sazan made one back in January 2019 (how genius?! A dinner party without the cooking!). Then everyone else started to follow. And I wanted to make one too LOL. 
But then I also wanted to take August's tablescape a bit of a different direction since it was the last month of summer. So I took it to the beach. 
I thought it would be the perfect place to bid summer farewell and enjoy the salty air and the ocean breeze one last time.

Here's what I packed: 
Blankets for a more cozy vibe.
Two of these tables to set up the cheese & crackers.
Flower crown for a little extra flair. 
Throw pillows.
Candles for romance (white ones, gold ones). 
Plates, napkins, champagne glasses
Cheese knives (one, two, three).
Drinks were Elderflower Lemonade & Blood Orange Soda from Whole Foods (our faves!)
Assortment of crackers. 
Assortment of cheeses (our faves are goat cheese - flavored & original - and brie). 
Assortment of deli meats. 
Fresh fruits. 
Dried fruits. 
Tzatziki dip. 
Assortment of desserts (macarons, croissants, and others). 

Now you definitely don't need this much stuff for a charcuterie dinner. Filling up just a cheese board with some crackers & cheese is going to be plenty if it's just the two of you. On the "cooking" highlight on my instagram, I shared a small little cheeseboard I made for a girls night at home if you're interested in checking that out.

Charming and I enjoyed a gorgeous little sunset dinner that evening. 
So romantic, so cute, so cozy, and super simple to do yet feels like a fancy date.  

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♡ Alena

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