Monday, October 14, 2019

3 New Products in My Skincare Routine I'm Obsessed With

It's been almost five months since I've shared some new products I've been obsessed with. During this time, although I've tried a good bunch of products, I haven't really found any that I can say I'm obsessed with. But these three that I'm sharing today have made the final cut and will be staying in my routine for probably years to come.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm
I used to always remove my makeup with either a Neutrogena wipe or with a cleanser. When it was with a traditional cleanser, I would usually do two applications. One to remove makeup, one to actually cleanse my makeup-free skin. But I've recently discovered the beauty of a cleansing balm thanks to the Skinny Confidential
Think about it: with a makeup removing wipe, you're pulling your skin like crazy during the makeup removing process. But this is so bad for your skin. The more you pull your skin, the more prone you are to getting wrinkles faster. Then, when you're applying your eye cream or moisturizer, you do your best to pat it into your skin to avoid wrinkles. But then why are you pulling your skin when you're removing your makeup with your wipe?! You see what I mean?
So this is where a cleansing balm comes in to save the day. 
You wet your face, get some of the balm on your hands, warm it up by rubbing your hands together, and then apply to it your face in circular motions. This cleansing balm then helps your makeup melt off, even waterproof makeup. Rinse your face when you're done.
I love how silky smooth this cleansing balm is on my skin. 
At first I was a little "meh" about this idea (especially since this product is also on the pricier end), but I quickly got on board once I realized how much more gentle this is then using makeup wipes. 

 Kopari Deodorant
You've probably seen how more natural, aluminum-free deodorants have been blowing up lately. 
I've been very skeptical about natural deodorants since it felt like most do not work, but once I found this Kopari Deodorant, it's been the answer to all my issues. Gross fact: I used to hate wearing deodorant. I don't know how I had friends from middle school through college LOL Now I actually enjoy wearing deodorant. I love that this deodorant makes me feel good throughout the day, doesn't have any residue or leave any coloring on my clothing, and keeps me smelling good all day. If you're on the hunt for a natural deodorant that actually works, you should try out the Kopari one

Clarisonic Mia
I am probably the last person on earth to try the Clarisonic but I finally tried it this past summer and now I can't go a day without using it. 
I love that it's a perfect exfoliator for every day use without being too harsh. 
I love that it cleanses my face so much better than applying a cleanser to my face with just my hands. 
I love how fresh it makes my skin feel. 
It's just the best thing that I've added to my skincare routine recently. If there's one thing you buy from these three products I'm sharing, it's this magic machine

These products have been game changers and are here to stay for a while. 
Not to sound pompous, but I really thought I've gotten to a really good place with my skin before I added these items to my routine. But now that I've added these products, I feel like my skin improved even more, which I didn't think was possible. 

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What are some products that you've added to your beauty or skincare routine recently that you're loving?

♡ Alena

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